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Sigglesthorne Forest School Intent 2023

Our Forest school programme is about offering children regular opportunities to develop their learning through play and exploration in a safe, natural environment. Providing a range of hands-on experiences and achievable tasks will encourage children to manage their own risks, developing problem solving, communication and teamwork. Being outside in the fresh air enhances moods, motivation and concentration, not to mention the physical benefits. A big part of the sessions is to create a sense of ownership of a site, helping children to understand, appreciate and care for the natural environment around them. Multi-sensory exploration, noticing the seasonal changes and the natural growing processes which in turn can inspire creativity. Children gain a sense of mindfulness reflecting on things they have achieved and challenges they have overcome.

There are six key aims that we strive for in our Forest School setting: 

  1. Long-Term Process: Forest School is not a quick ‘intervention’; rather children revisit our provision over the long-term to embed, sustain and grow. 
  1. Natural Environment: Our Forest School provision links the learner to the natural world. 
  2. Learner-Centred: Every child matters. Every child is unique. In our provision we focus on the needs of each child; we support and challenge appropriately.
  3. Holistic: Our approach focuses on developing the needs of the whole child. We look to help children develop their resilience, confidence, creativity and independence.
  4. Supported Risks: We grow by overcoming risk every day. In Forest Schools we support the children to take managed physical and mental risks in a safe and encouraging environment. 

Continual CPD: Every day is a chance to learn something new. We are reflective. We are ambitious. We are committed to ensuring that our staff continue to receive opportunities to network, share practice and learn new skills.