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Welcome to Team 2

Year 1/2/3 Newsletter Spring Term 2020

Dear Parents/carers

Welcome back!

Mrs Davis and I are looking forward to working with you and your children this term, our topic is ‘Journey’.

As readers and writers we will be exploring and comparing stories written about familiar settings and building on our understanding of poetry, writing lists, captions and sets of instructions.  We will be developing our reading and writing skills through the use of phonics and beginning to recall non-fiction and fictional information for writing.  We will expect children to do at least 4 reads at home and need them to practise spellings for weekly tests.

In maths we will be continuing to develop our mathematical skills through using the four rules of number and covering outer numeracy through cross curricular topics.  We will be focusing on reasoning and problem solving this term.  All the children will have daily ‘mini-maths’  sessions to consolidate the four rules of number.

As scientists and explorers we will be learning about Plants and seasonal changes in the environment.  We will be naming and describing the properties of a variety of everyday materials and their uses. Year 3 will be investigating Rocks.

In ICT we will be logging on and covering units on Programming and communication.  The children will be understand algorithms and be able to create and debug programs.

In art we will be developing skills using painting, drawing and using different media to create self-portraits.  We will look at the work of a famous artist. Year 3 will learn about great artists, designers and architects.

In D&T the children will be developing, designing and creating techniques and creating bridges.  They will then evaluate their product and say how it could be improved.

In music our focus will be pitch.  We will be look for patterns between pitch and sounds in different pieces of music.  We will then move on to pulse, rhythm, tempo and metre. We will listen to different pieces of music and identifying these features.

As athletes we will continue to develop our skills in games.  We aim to develop the coordination of physical movements, and raise awareness that regular exercise has a positive effect on our bodies. Coach Craig will visit each Friday to instruct the children. We will also be doing our ‘Daily Mile’. Wake up, shake up will be on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings.

In geography the children will be continuing to develop geographical skills and learn facts about countries, oceans and continents.  They will develop map work skills and learn to use a simple compass.

In history the children will be researching a significant local historical place.  They will also be investigating the chronology of different buildings.


Many thanks in advance for your support,

Mrs Ownes & Mrs Davis.



To download the Team 2 and Year 3 pm curriculum, Y123 Curriculum letter


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